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1995HCI Vapour Pressures and Reaction Probabilities for C10N02 + HCI on Liquid HZS04-HN03-HCI-H20 SolutionsM. J. Elrod, R. E. Koch, J. E. Kim, M. J. MolinaFaraday Discuss.,. 1995. 13 100, 44 , 19704-19706 269-278
2001The physical mechanism of nitric ixice formation in simulated lightningNavarro-González, Rafael; Villagrán-Muñiz; Mayo; Sobral, Hugo; Molina, Luisa T.; Molina, Mario J.Geophysical research letters. 2001. 13 28, 44 20, 19704-19706 3867-3870
2001The interaction of HCI with the (0001) face of hexagonal ice studied theoretically via Car-Parrinello molecular dynamicsMantz, Yves A.; Geiger, Franz M.; Molina, Luisa T.; Molina, Mario J.; Trout, Bernhardt L.Chemical physics letters. 2001. 13 348, 19704-19706 285-292
2003Atmospheric Chemistry of C2F5(o)CF3)2 : Photolysis and Reaction with Cl Atoms, OH Radicals, and OzoneTaniguchi, N.; Wallington, T. J.; Hurley, M. D.; Guschin, A. G.; Molina, Luisa T.; Molina, Mario J.The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2003. 13 107, 19704-19706 2674-2679
2004Design and Implementation of a Compact Raman-Lidar for Ozone and Aerosol MeasurementsSteffen Frey, Luisa T. Molina, Mario J. Molina, Ludger WösteResearchgate. 2004. 19704-19706 4
2017Ozone and Aerosol Distribution Measured above Mexico City with a Differential Absorption LIDAR during the Mcma 2003 Field CampaignPablo Ristori, Valentin Simeonov, Marian Taslakov, Luisa T. Molina, Mario J. Molina, Hubert van den BerghResearchgate. 2004. 19704-19706 4
2005Measurements of Black Carbon Specific Absorption in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area during the MCMA 2003 Field CampaignJ. C. Barnard1, E. I. Kassianov1, T. P. Ackerman1, S. Frey2, K. Johnson2, B. Zuberi, L. T. Molina, M. J. Molina, J. S. Gaffney, N. A. MarleyAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2005. 13 5, 19704-19706 4083-4113
2016Ralph J. Cicerone (1943–2016) Atmospheric scientist who defended the environment.Mario Molina, Keneth JandaNature. 2016. 13 540, 44 342, 19704-19706
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