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1981Could life have evolved in cometary nuclei? Oró, J.; Bar-Un A.; Lazcano, Antonio.Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 1981. número 11, página 387-394pdf
1984Prebiotic syntheses of purines and pyrimidines Oró, J.; Basile B.; Lazcano, Antonio.Adv. Space res. 1984. Volumen 4, número 12, página 125-131pdf
1990The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: on earthOró, J.; Miller L. Stanley; Lazcano, Antonio.Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. 1990. número 18, página 317-356pdf
1991Comets and the formation of biochemical compounds on the primitive earth - a review Oró, J.; Mills, T.; Lazcano, Antonio.Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 1991. Volumen 21, página 267-277pdf
1996Histidine Biosynthetic Pathway and Genes: Structure, Regulation, and EvolutionPietro Alifano, Renato Fani, Pietro Lio, Antonio Lazcano, Marco Bazzicalupo, M. Stella Carlomagno, And Carmelo B. BruniMICROBIOLOGICAL REVIEWS,. 1996. Volumen 60, número 1, página 44-69pdf
1997Polyphyletic Gene Losses Can Bias Backtrack Characterizations of the Cenancestor Arturo Becerra, Sara Islas, José Ignacio Leguina, Ervin Silva, Antonio LazcanoJournal of Molecular Evolution. 1997. número 45, página 115-118pdf
1998The role of gene duplication in the evolution of Purine nucleotide salvage pathways Becerra, Arturo; Lazcano, AntonioOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 1998. número 28, página 539-553pdf
1999The genomic tree as revealed from whole proteome comparisons Tekaia, Fredj; Lazcano, Antonio; Dujon, Bernard.Genome research. 1999. Volumen 9, página 550-557pdf
2002Some Like It Hot, but Not the First Biomolecules Lazcano, Antonio, Bada, Jeffrey LSCIENCE. 2002. Volumen 296, número 5575, página 1982-1983pdf
2002This Week's Letters Bada, Jeffrey L., Lazacano Araujo, AntonioSCIENCE. 2002. Volumen 298, número 5594, página 747pdf
2003Prebiotic Soup—Revisiting the Miller Experiment Lazcano, Antonio, Bada, Jeffrey LSCIENCE. 2003. Volumen 300, número 5620, página 745-746pdf
2003THE 1953 STANLEY L. MILLER EXPERIMENT: FIFTY YEARS OF PREBIOTIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRYBada, Jeffrey L., Lazacano Araujo, AntonioOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2003. número 33, página 235-242pdf
2003The roads to and from the RNA world Dworkin, Jason P.; Lazcano, Antonio; Miller, Stanley L.Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2003. Volumen 222, número 1, página 127-134pdf
2003Hooke and Generation of Molds Lazcano, AntonioSCIENCE. 2003. Volumen 301, número 5641, página 1845pdf
2003Hyperthermophily and the origin and earliest evolution of life Islas, Sara; M. Velasco, Ana; Becerra, Arturo; Luis, Delae; Lazcano, AntonioInternational Microbiology. 2003. Volumen 6, página 87-94pdf
2003The sulfocyanic theory on the origin of life : towards a critical reappraisal of an autotrophic theoryPerezgasga, L; Sila, E.; Lazacno, A; Negrón-Mendoza, A.International jounal of astrobiology. 2003. Volumen 2, número 4, página 301-306pdf
2004Comparative genomics and the gene complement Of a minimal cell Islas, Sara; Becerra, Arturo; Luisi, P. Luigi; Lazcano, AntonioOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2004. Volumen 34, número 1/.2, página 243-256pdf
2005Teaching Evolution in Mexico: Preaching to the ChoirLazacano Araujo, AntonioSCIENCE. 2005. Volumen 310, número 5749, página 787-789pdf
2005The last common ancestor: What’s in a name? Lazcano, Antonio, Becerra, Arturo, Delaye, LuisOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2005. número 35, página 537–554pdf
2005Reconstructing evolutionary relationships from functional data: a consistent classification of organisms based on translation inhibition response Briones, Carlos; Manrubia, Susanna C.; Lázaro, Ester; Lazcano, Antonio; Amils, RicardoMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 2005. Volumen 34, página 371-381pdf
2005Polyamino acids as synthetic enzymes: mechanism, applications and relevance to prebiotic catalysisCarrea, Giacomo; Colonna, Stefano; Kelly, David R.; Lazcano, Antonio; Ottolina, Gianluca; Roberts, Stanley M.Trends in biotechology. 2005. Volumen 23, número 10, página 507-513pdf
2005Prebiological evolution and the physics of the origin of life Delaye, Luis ; Lazcano, AntonioPhysics of Life Reviews. 2005. Volumen 2, número 1, página 47-64pdf
2006Molecular Evolution of Peptide Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases (MsrA and MsrB): On the Early Development of a Mechanism That Protects Against Oxidative DamageDelaye, Luis; Becerra, Arturo; Orgel, Leslie; Lazcano, AntonioJournal of Molecular Evolution. 2006. Volumen 64, número 1, página 15-32pdf
2006The origins of life : have too many cooks spoiled the prebiotic soup?Lazcano, AntonioNatural history magazine. 2006. Volumen 206, página 6pdf
2007The Very Early Stages of Biological Evolution and the Nature of the Last Common Ancestor of the Three Major Cell Domains Lazcano, Antonio, Becerra, Arturo, Delaye, Luis , Islas, Sara.Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. 2007. Volumen 38, página 361-379pdf
2007Comparative Genomics and Early Cell Evolution: A Cautionary Methodological NoteIsla, Sara; Hernández-Morales, Ricardo; Antonio LazcanoOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2007. Volumen 37, página 415-418pdf
2007A Reassessment of Prebiotic Organic Synthesis in Neutral Planetary Atmospheres Cleaves, H. James; Chalmers, John H.; Lazcano, Antonio; Miller, Stanley L.; Bada, Jeffrey L.Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2007. Volumen 38, página 105-115pdf
2007Enantioselective aldol reaction catalysed by polyleucines Carrea, Giacomo; Ottolina, Gianluca; Lazcano, Antonio; Pironti, Vincenza; Colonna, StefanoTetrahedron: asymmetry. 2007. Volumen 18, número 11, página 1265-1268pdf
2007Protein disulfide oxidoreductases and the evolution of thermophily : Was the last common ancestor a Heat-loving microbe?Delaye, Luis; Becerra, Arturo; Orgel, Leslie; Lazcano, AntonioJournal of Molecular Evolution. 2007. Volumen 65, página 296-303pdf
2008The young Ramón y Cajal as a cell-theory dissenter Iturbe, Ulises; Peretó. Juli; Lazacano, AntonioInternational Microbiology. 2008. Volumen 11, página 143-145pdf
2008What Is Life? A Brief Historical Overview Lazacano Araujo, AntonioCHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY. 2008. Volumen 5, número 1, página 15pdf
2008Stanley L. Miller (1930–2007): Reflections and RemembrancesBada, Jeffrey L., Lazacano Araujo, AntonioOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2008. número 38, página 373-381pdf
2008The origin of a novel gene through overprinting in Escherichia coli Delaye, Luis; DeLuna, Alexander; Lazcano, Antonio; Becerra, ArturoBMC Evolutionary Biology. 2008. Volumen 8, número 31, página 10pdf
2009Complexity, self-organization and the origin of life:
the happy liaison?
Lazacano Araujo, AntonioOrigins of Life: Self-Organization or Biological Evolution?. 2009. Volumen 13, número 22, página .16-22pdf
2009The Pope, condoms, and the evolution of HIV Lazacano Araujo, AntonioThe lancet. 2009. número 9, página 451-452pdf
2009Charles Darwin and the Origin of Life Lazcano Araujo, Antonio, Peretó, Juli, Peretó JuliOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2009. Volumen 39, página 395-406pdf
2009Mind the gap! Lazcano, Antonioplosbiology. 2009. Volumen 7, número 6, página 2pdf
2010Should the Teaching of Biological Evolution Include the Origin of Life? Lazcano Araujo, Antonio, Peretó, JuliEvolution: Education and Outreach. 2010. Volumen 3, número 4, página 661-667pdf
2010Historical Development of Origins Research Lazacano Araujo, AntonioCold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. 2010. página 17pdf
2010Historical Development of Origins Research Lazacano Araujo, AntonioCold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. 2010. página ,1-16pdf
2010Prebiotic Synthesis of Methionine and Other Sulfur-Containing Organic Compounds on the Primitive Earth: A. Contemporary Reassessment Based on an Unpublished 1958 Stanley Miller ExperimentEric T. Parker & H. James Cleaves & Michael P. Callahan & Jason P. Dworkin & Daniel P. Glavin & Antonio Lazcano & Jeffrey L. BadaOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2010. página 12pdf
2010The Definition of Life: A Brief History of an Elusive Scientific EndeavorTirard, Stephane; Morange, Michel; Lazcano, AntonioAstrobiology. 2010. Volumen 10, número 10, página 1003-1009pdf
2010What Is Life? Lazcano, AntonioOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2010. Volumen 40, página 161-167pdf
2011Natural history, microbes and sequences : Shouldn´t we look back again to organisms?Lazcano, AntonioPlos one. 2011. Volumen 6, número 8, página 4pdf
2011Enhanced synthesis of alkyl amino acids i Miller´s 1958 H2S experiment Parker Eric T.; Cleaves, H. James; Callahan, Michael P. Dworkin, Jason P. Glavin, Daniel P. Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey LOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2011. Volumen 41, página 569-574pdf
2011Primordial synthesisof amines and amio acids in a 1958Miller H2S-rich sparkdischange experiment Parker, Eric T.; Cleaves, Henderson J.; Dworkin, Jason P.; Glavin, Daniel P.; Callahan, Michael; Aubrey, Andrew; Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey L.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2011. Volumen 108, número 14, página 5526-5531pdf
2011Metalloproteins and the Pyrite-based Origin of Life: A Critical AssessmentRivas, Mario; Becerra, Arturo; Lazcano, Antonio.Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2011. Volumen 41, página 347-356pdf
2012Coenzymes, viruses and the RNA World Lazacano Araujo, AntonioBiochimie Manuscript Draft. página 3.-16pdf
2012The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: Where, When and How?Lazcano, AntonioEvolution: Education and Outreach. 2012. Volumen 5, número 3, página 334–336pdf
2012The origin and early evolution of life : where, when and how?Lazcano Araujo, AntonioEvolution : education and outreach. 2012. Volumen 5, número 3, página 334-336pdf
2012Planetary change and biochemical adaptation molecular evolution of corrioid and heme biosynthesesLazacano Araujo, Antonio; Kevin P. HandHematology. 2012. Volumen 17, número Suplm. 1, página 7-10,pdf
2012Frontier or fiction Maintaining the plausibleFalk, Raphael; Lazcano, AntonioNature. 2012. Volumen 488, página 160pdf
2012The Forgotten Dispute: A.I. Oparin and H.J. Muller on the Origin of Life Lazacano Araujo, AntonioHistory and Philosophy of the Life Sciences. 2012. Volumen 34, número 3, página 373-390pdf
2013First Life: Discovering the Connections between Stars, Cells, and How Life BeganDavid Deamer, revición de Lazcano Araujo, AntonioReports of the national center for science education. 2013. Volumen 33, número 3, página 20-23pdf
2013Norvaline and Norleucine May Have Been More Abundant Protein Components during Early Stages of Cell Evolution Claudia Álvarez-Carreño, Arturo Becerra, Antonio LazcanoOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2013. número 43, página 363-375pdf
2013Low complexity regions (LCRs) contribute to the hypervariability of the HIV-1 Gp 120 protein Velasco, Ana María; Becerra, Arturo; Hernández-Morales, Ricardo; Delaye, Luis; Jiménez-Corona, María Eugenia; Ponce-de-Leon, Samuel; Lazcano, AntonioJournal of Theoretical Biology. 2013. Volumen 338, página 80-86pdf
2014A phylogenetic approach to the early evolution of autotrophy: the case of the reverse TCA and the reductive acetyl-CoA pathways Becerra, Arturo; Rivas, Mario; García-Ferris, Carlos; Lazcano, Antonio; Peretó, JuliInternational Microbiology. 2014. Volumen 17, número 2, página 91-97En líneaEnlace
2015An investigation of prebiotic purine synthesis from the Hydrolysis of hcn polymers Borquez, Eduardo; Cleaves1, H. James; Lazcano, Antonio; Miller, Stanley LOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2015. número 35, página 79-90pdf
2015Viral Genome Size Distribution Does not Correlate with the Antiquity of the Host Lineages Campillo-Balderas, José A.; Lazcano, Antonio; Becerra, ArturoFrontier sin Ecology and Evolution. 2015. Volumen 3, número 143, página 44774pdf
2015Structural Analysis of Monomeric RNADependent Polymerases: Evolutionary and Therapeutic ImplicationsJácome, Rodrigo; Becerra, Arturo, Ponce de León, Samuel; Lazcano, AntonioPlos one. 2015. Volumen 10, número 9, página 26pdf
2015the RNA world and the origin of life a short history of a tidy evolutionary narrativeLazcano, AntonioBIO Web of coferences. 2015. Volumen 4, número 13, página 8pdf
2016Cells, molecues and evolution historical issues in olecular evolutionLazcano, AntonioJournal of Molecular Evolution. 2016. Volumen 83, número 5/.6, página 157-158pdf
2016Molecular Evolution of the Oxygen-Binding Hemerythrin DomainClaudia Álvarez-Carreño, Arturo Becerra, Antonio LazcanoEvolution of Hemerythrin. 2016. Volumen 11, número 6, página 1.pdf
2016Can an imidazole be formed from an alanyl-seryl-glycine Tripeptide under possible prebiotic conditions? Alberto Vázquez-Salazar, George Tan2, Amanda Stockton, Renato Fani, Arturo Becerra, Antonio LazcanoOrigins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. 2016. número 47, página 345-355pdf
2016Alexandr I. Oparin and the Origin of Life: A Historical Reassessment of the Heterotrophic Theory Lazcano, AntonioJournal of Molecular Evolution. 2016. página 9pdf
2016On the lack of evolutionary continuity between prebiotic peptides and extant enzymes Raggi, Luciana; Lazcano, Antonio; Bada, Jeffrey L.Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2016. Volumen 18, página 20028-20032pdf
2017On the early evoluton of Catabolic pathways : a comparative genomics approach. I. the cases of glucose, ribose, and the nucleobases catabolic routesRivas, Mario; Becerra, Arturo; Lazcano, Antonio.Journal of Molecular Evolution. 2017. Volumen 85, número 5/.6, página 159-246pdf
2017On the origin of mitosing cells : a historical appraisal of Lyn Margulis endosymbiotic theoryLazcano, Antonio; Peretó, JuliJournal of Theoretical Biology. 2017. página 8pdf
2018Early life : embracing the RNA worldVázquez-Salazar, Alberto; Lazcano, AntonioCurrent Biology. 2018. Volumen 28, página r208-r231pdf
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